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Tower Studios working with Amelia Hope

Amelia’s new music video Story of My Life, from her album Perplexcity, is currently being developed by Tower Studios. It will be shot in various locations around Malta and will span from the 90s to the present time.

The video portrays a young Amelia walking through a street, turning around obstacles portraying the various difficulties of life, highlighting particular events in the life of a teenager. As Amelia struggles on, she discovers the joys of music and singing which help her move on and grow into adulthood.

The video is targeted at teenagers and delivers the message that not withstanding the bad that life may throw at us, there is always a way forward. With time everything sorts itself out and music helps getting there.

Shooting will commence on May 12th 2014 and the video will be launched on the 13th of July. It will be distributed through several widely used multimedia channels. Anyone interested in taking advantage by promoting this video is welcome to contact us for further information on: info

Advertising options are available both within the video and on the multimedia channels, and a number of serices will be required during production.

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  • Res June 24, 2015, 11:32 pm

    Hi I am a mom of two, I used to live in LA but now moved back to Taiwan to be with my family. I don’t ulalusy leave comments on other ppl’s site, but besides from loving your blog and your daughter’s pics, I just found out our daughters have the same name and horoscope!!! What a coincidence, and I actually found your blog because of Harajuku Mini, a brand I absolutely love, always buying from US for my kids!! So many outfits your daughter wore I bought for mine as well, like the elmo dress, old navy tees, just amazed at the coincidence! Anyways, love your blog, hope to see more pics ^_^

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