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Tower Studios is constantly holding all types of photoshoots for individuals, businesses and organisations. Our chief photographer, Trevor Grech has picked up a camera at a very young age and since then he has never let go, fine tuning and evolving his skills, changing a passion into a way of life. Trevor caters for all graphical and stock photography needs within all our productions and never fails to add his personal creative touch.

“A photo is a moment in my life which I have frozen in time and irrespective of how good it is, it will always carry its baggage of memories and emotions, never to be lost. The beauty of it is that it will trigger different feelings when viewed by others, each an individual with his or her own perceptions and understanding.” ~ Trevor Grech

Below you may enjoy a sample of Trevor’s photography:

Do you need a photoshoot as part of a branding exercise for your organisation?
Do you need set photography for a play, drama or any type of film production?
Do you need advertising, cover or stock photography? Look no further!

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