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Soundproofing & Acoustic Treatment

“We’re Soundproofing Malta with Acoustic Treatment – the proper way…”

The most important element in any listening environment is the room itself. It is pointless spending 100’s if not 1000’s of euros in studio monitor speakers, home cinema systems or high-end Hi-Fi systems, if the acoustics in your room are behaving badly.

The primary problem lies with the size of the room. While the best option is to rebuild the room from the ground up (literally), and while there are some audiophiles who go to the extent of doing that for the sake of better acoustics, few of us can afford to do that.

The secondary problem is the shape, due to how sound energy is reflected off the walls. Even this would require bringing down walls and rebuilding them in order to fix acoustical issues.

Since for most of us these two options are unfeasible, our ever-expanding range of products for room acoustic treatment and soundproofing, will help you solve that problem with much simpler solutions, whether you want to treat the room for better acoustics or soundproofing it – either to keep the sound from going out of the room, or from coming into it.

All the products you see below, were tailored-made and customized according to our clients’ needs. We can do the same for you so that you can enjoy better sound quality with your home cinema or while listening to your favourite music. It is also particularly helpful if you have a studio since have an acoustically treated room, will result in less frustration and enables you to work faster and achieve better mixing and mastering!

Custom-made Diffusers

1D QRD Diffusers

QRD-1 600/7

QRD-1 600/7

Scatter freq: 300Hz
Design freq.: 600Hz
HF cutoff: 2150Hz

You can see the QRD-1 600/7 mounted on our CF9 LENoRe 100×610. Above the Diffuser, there are two SBT 1150x50L flanked by four SBT 1150×575 traps on each side.

Soundproofing Malta - QRD Diffuser

QRD-1 500/17

Scatter freq: 250Hz
Design freq.: 500Hz
HF cutoff: 4526Hz

You might want to sacrifice a little performance in favour of aesthetics. While the QRD-1 500/17 is not a technically correct QRD panel, given enough N-order (like the QRD-1 500/17) it will still produce excellent diffusion.

QRD-1 1000/7

QRD-1 1000/7

Scatter freq: 500Hz
Design freq.: 1000Hz
HF cutoff: 3659Hz

The QRD-1 1000/7 is the most sought-after diffuser-type we have. It is made of wood and filled with material to reduce resonance. It comes in various finishes to complement your current environment.

2D QRD Diffusers


QRD-2 LM/7

Scatter freq: 355Hz
Design freq.: 711Hz
HF cutoff: 2567Hz

The QRD-2 LM/7 is another custom-made diffuser that caters for Low-Mid frequencies. The client owns a homestudio in a farmhouse, hence the ‘rustic unfinished wood’ feel at his request.

Soundproofing Malta - QRD Diffuser

QRD-2 680/7

Scatter freq: 355Hz
Design freq.: 680Hz
HF cutoff: 2457Hz

The QRD-2 680/7 is a finless 2D diffuser. One of the most common types of uses these diffusers have is to have them in an array above the mixing desk in the control room.